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 6/17/11 Heriberto Lazcano (Lazca)

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6/17/11 Heriberto Lazcano (Lazca)   Empty
PostSubject: 6/17/11 Heriberto Lazcano (Lazca)    6/17/11 Heriberto Lazcano (Lazca)   EmptyFri Jun 17, 2011 8:50 pm

6/17/11 Heriberto Lazcano (Lazca)   Heriberto_lazcano
Heriberto Lazcano (Lazca)
In a confrontation between the gulf cartel and los zetas, sources from el nuevo herald reported that Heriberto Lazcano the 1st in command of the zetas was killed in action at Matamoros, Tamaulipas authorities have yet to confirm, 15 more gunmen were among the dead. It has yet to Be confirmed if Lazco is among the kia.

Reportedly the unconfirmed confrontation took place at Avenue of the Child and Lauro Villar, among the other conflict places were the Colonies Los Alamos, Villa Azteca, Golden Valley, among others. As authoruties keep a tight lip, people have been taking to Twitter to worn about Narco Road Blocks!!!

Alejandro Poire Technical Secretary of the National Security Council of Mexico has unconfirmed Lazcano was among the dead he assured that the evidence he possesses states the contrary to what Mexican newspapers where reporting and Lascano was not among the dead...

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6/17/11 Heriberto Lazcano (Lazca)
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