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 5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta

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PostSubject: 5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta   5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta EmptySat Jun 18, 2011 10:07 pm

5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta 2010_5
Found this great Article over at http://vkb.isvg.org/Wiki/Groups/Monstruo more pics and Maps theirall credit goes to them .thanks for the great article!!!

The use of armored vehicles by groups such as Los Zetas and other groups in Mexico has been steadily increasing. The majority of these vehicles are standard model armored vehicles. Some of these armored vehicles that have been seized can be seen in a video below. The video shows weapon impacts and some of the modifications that have been made to some models.

There has also been an increased presence of another form of heavily armored vehicles referred to as Zeta(s) Monstruo or El Monstruo. As of June 2011 several different models of these vehicles have been identified. The vehicles resemble crude tanks rather than a regular armored vehicle.

The existence of different models and different styles suggest a trial and error or a even a specialization process in which different styles are utilized for different activities. The larger models appear to be capable of defending against larger munition and delivering a large number of cartel members to a location under siege i.e. personnel carrier; the smaller models have been reported to have armor designed to deflect more munitions rather than absorb them, i.e. operational attack / escape vehicle.

The first Monstruo was recovered in July 2010. In little under a year since the first seizure, several versions have emerged. These vehicles have been confiscated in various locations in Mexico. The June 2011 seizure of two models at a "Monstruo factory" signifies that the presence of the Monstruo was not an anomaly. Photos and characteristics of the various models and maps of the vehicles' locations can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

2010 Model A
This is the original model, located in July 2010. It was a modified dump truck and was located in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas. This vehicle has been attributed to Los Zetas.


Modified Dump Truck
40 km per hour[1]
Unknown Capacity
Armor Covered Wheels
Armored Cabin

5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta Imagen449a

This vehicle was vandalized after it had been sitting after its initial discovery, the translations of the graffiti:

"This Monster is the property of Z 40, to cause harm to the town's people. Send more of these dumbass, shit pay your people."
"Shit, send more, Z40"
"More, piece of shit, piece of shit send more Z40, send more of these"
"send more Z40, piece of shit"
"Z40 piece of shit"
"Send more"
"Piece of Shit Z40"
"Send more Z40"
"Send more of these Z40"
5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta Imagen452

2010 Compact Vehicle
This model was discovered in January 2010 and was considered a prototype of the next model located, a considered performance upgrade from the original. This model was discovered in Santa Maria de los Angeles, Jalisco. This vehicle was reportedly made in Tamaulipas, transported to Zacatecas and then surfaced in Jalisco after being "donated" to Los Zetas.

Modified 2011 Ford Super Duty[2]
80 km per hour[4]
Side hatches[4]
Gun Turret[4]
Foldable Front End Battering Ram[5]
Space for 10 personnel[4]
4 wheel drive[4]
Tow Hitch[4]
Armored Covered Wheels[4]
Stereo System[4]
Satellite Communications System[4]
Able to dump oil, gas, nails and smoke[6]
5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta Mos245/9/11 Monstruo Zeta Mos25

2011 Model A

This model appeared to be nearly indestructable and based upon its performance capabilities and the design changes it would seem to be a great deal more effective than previos models, however a fatal weakness was the tires and they were not protected and easily damaged preventing the vehicle from moving. This model was found with no munitions damage after being used in an attack and was only stopped because of damage to the wheels. Suspected developments on similar styles to the 2011 Model A are expected to utilize armored wheels or run flat tires. As more models are discovered there are sure to be advances in the quality of the material and the design resulting in more powerful and effective narco-tanks. This model was discovered in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas.


Modified Pick Up Truck (unreported Make and Model)
110 km per hour[1]
Two Gun Turrets
12 Side Gun Ports (6 per side)
Space for 12 personnel[1]
Ability to drop nails and oil from the rear during a pursuit[7

5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta MONS1-790177
5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta MONS2-791605

2011 Model B

This model was seized at the same time as the 2011 Model C in Camargo, Tamaulipas. Along with these two functional models there were more than 20 other models seized in the operation that were along various points of construction. These vehicles and the factory have been attributed to the Gulf Cartel.[8]


Modified Dump Truck
3 Axle Vehicle
110 km per hour[12]
Capacity of approximately 20 Personnel[12]
Gun Turret
Ramming Apparatus
10-12 Gun Ports
1 inch thick steel plating[13]
Retractable Armor Plate over the driver's front window
Air Conditioning[12]
Interior insulated with rubber heat shield, high temperature resistant material[11]
Sound Defeaning Insulation[12]

5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta 2011_B_15/9/11 Monstruo Zeta MOUS5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta 2011_B_Rear_Entrance5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta MOUS14

2011 Model C

This model was seized at the same time as the 2011 Model B in Camargo, Tamaulipas. Along with these two functional models there were more than 20 other models seized in the operation that were along various points of construction.These vehicles and the factory have been attributed to the Gulf Cartel.[2]

Modified Dump Truck (possibly a Dodge based on the emblem on the steering wheel)
3 Axle Vehicle
110 km per hour[12]
Capacity of approximately 20 personnel[12]
Gun turret
Multiple Lateral gun ports
1 inch thick steel plating[13]
Air Conditioning[12]
Ramming Apparatus
5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta MOUS25/9/11 Monstruo Zeta 2011_C_15/9/11 Monstruo Zeta MOUS155/9/11 Monstruo Zeta MOUS13

2011 Model D

This model appears to be similiar to the 2011 model A version. This vehicle was discovered in June 2011 buried in sand as seen in a photograph below. This was discovered in Rancho San Juan, Progresso, Coahuila.


Ford Super Duty 4 x 4 Frame[14][15]
V-10 Triton gasoline engine with reinforced drivetrain and transmission[14][15]
4 Wheel Drive[15]
1 cm thick steel plating[14][15]
5 layer ballistic glass over all windows[14][15]
Driver and Passenger Door[14][15]
Rear Access Door[14][15]
2 Turrets[14][15]
6 Windows per side[14][15]
9 Gun Ports per side[14][15]
Space for 12 personnel plus the driver and passenger (14 total)[14][15]
7.5 meters long x 3.0 meters wide x 3.5 meters high[14][15]

5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta Coahuila_445/9/11 Monstruo Zeta Coahuila_45


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5/9/11 Monstruo Zeta
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