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 4/30/11 28 members of the Zetas arrested

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4/30/11 28 members of the Zetas arrested Empty
PostSubject: 4/30/11 28 members of the Zetas arrested   4/30/11 28 members of the Zetas arrested EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 9:00 pm

4/30/11 28 members of the Zetas arrested 25

Hidalgo state authorities have demonstrated their against Los Zetas, as 28 other members of that organization were captured by members of the police. However, in recent days, the criminal group has carried out several attacks in protest against the actions taken by the Ministry of Public Security.

New detainees were linked to the attack made on the premises of the Research Coordination and Public Ministry.

At a press conference was announced that among those arrested was the head of a square, hawks, gunmen and policemen, who belonged to the ranks of Los Zetas. They also noted that the attack in Tula, where an investigating officer was killed, a MP's secretary, and a citizen who was in the process of a complaint also lost their life.

The criminals were wrong and did not expect the reaction, " At 09:30 am on Wednesday began the cunning and dastardly attack on the police offices of Tula. However, they were mistaken, as Commander Pantera was shot on the right cheek , "said Secretary of Public Safety.

After the attack began an operation by land and air, capturing a Casanova Ernesto Jimenez, alias Black, Alejandro Flores, alias Alex, 34, Jose Carlos Gonzalez Elias, alias Commander Scary Movie, 23, Carlos Flores Martínez, alias Little Hair, 47, Manuel Arturo Gonzalez Barra, alias Taz, Ruben Corona Torres, alias El Ciber, 24, and Chang Santos, alias El Grande, 34. They were thugs of Los Zetas, authorities confirmed this.

While the detainees were carrying out Hawk missions for the Zetas they were identified as German Gonzalez Lazcano, 45, former director of the Municipal Public Security in Ciudad Sahagun, Luis Martínez Gutiérrez, alias John Cena, 38, Roberto Rivera Emmanuel Islands aka El Gordo, 24, Waldo García Jorge Gutierrez, aka Shorty, 18, Benjamin Lerma Uriel Salgado, aka Uriel, 29, Marcelo Romero Hernandez, aka El Chelo, 31, Mayra Suarez Isabel Avila 18; Diana Leticia Gómez del Valle, aka The Midget 22; and Jaqueline Moreno Cervantes, 29.

The police employees of Los Zetas were identified as Guillermo Delgadillo Osorio, 36; Sabino Gallegos Castillo, alias Libra, 33, Jose Luis Garcia Vega, aka R-3, 38, Jose Felix Granillo, 39; Victoriano Álvarez Díaz, alias Toreo 20, 31, Edith Alba Juarez, alias Toreo 36, 29, Miguel Angel García Tapia, 38, Francisco Sandoval Rios, 30, Gerardo Garcia Meneses, 25, and Alejandro Cuellar, 33.

Security force's managed to secure three squadrons, eleven guns, a bazooka, eight AK-47, three AR-15, a thousand 527 cartridges, six grenades, vehicles, among other things.
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4/30/11 28 members of the Zetas arrested
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